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Whether you are someone who just bought a home and want to remodel before you move in, or you have lived in your home for a while and it’s time to do the remodel you have always wanted- you are ready to bring your home up to the level of lifestyle you’ve dreamed about. Now what?

When people contact me interested in learning how I can help them with their remodels, I always start by sharing “The 5 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Dream Remodeling Project”.

I do this because I want every remodel to turn out right – whether they are a client or not. I don’t take on new clients unless we both agree we are a good fit for each other, but it pains me when I hear the horror stories of people who have started remodeling projects on their own and either made expensive, time-consuming mistakes – or worse, they got taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors or other vendors.

I want to help you improve the results and quality of the lifestyle in your home. Follow my guide below to help you make sure your project gets off on the right foot.

Let’s get started!

Mistake #1 – Starting a Remodeling Project WITHOUT Consulting an Interior Design Expert – while this may seem self-serving since I am an expert interior designer,  it doesn’t make it any less true. A great designer is a problem solver that prevents pricey mistakes, saves you time, has access to sources and resources not available to the general public and has the training and experience to help answer all your questions regarding every part of your project.

Your designer will be able to take the ideas in your head, get them down on paper and then create the vision, develop the designs, select the materials and more that fit into your hopes and dreams for your project. She will also have the inside track on the latest design trends and materials which will enhance your remodeling project.

She will also have experience in coordinating remodeling projects, which is BY FAR one of the most challenging parts of remodeling. You must know what steps must done and in what order before you start. Nothing more upsetting, time-consuming and expensive than completing one part of your remodel, only to find out you have to tear it all out and do it over because you missed a previous step that was necessary.

Mistake #2 – Not Getting a Independent, Qualified, Certified Professional Designer – in California, you want a designer with credentials like a Certified Interior Designer (CID) #, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), and the National  Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) #. These are all governing bodies of the industry and require designers have the education, experience and proven ability to be called interior designers.

Mistake #3 – Picking an Interior Designer that is a Not a Good Fit for You – In all my experience, the clients that were the best fit for me were the clients that I bonded with when we met. You should feel simpatico with each other. I like my clients to feel like friends and family members. You don’t want to be just another number to your designer; you want to feel like your home remodeling project is an important to the designer as it is to you. The more you are all “on the same page”, the smoother and easier the project will go.

Mistake #4 – Getting a Designer that Does NOT Work and Play Well with Others – While a good designer will have contractors and subcontractors that she works with frequently and can refer you to, if you have your own contractors in mind, you need a good designer who has a personality that blends well with others. If you get a diva as a designer, it can alienate the critical people needed to make your project successful. The last thing you need are your contractors quitting halfway through your project because they can’t get along with your designer.

Mistake #5 – Not Checking References – Even if you avoid the first four mistakes, the fifth is just as important. You absolutely want to check references of past clients, plus check for any complaints lodged with the state or any of the associations. Think of this as you double-checking yourself to make sure you didn’t miss something in steps #1 through #4; it’s rare, but it can happen.

Avoid these five mistakes and you are well on your way to a successful remodeling experience and the home & lifestyle you have always wanted.

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Joann Barker, Founder Inspirations Interior Design, Inc.Joanna Barker is the Owner and Principle Designer of Inspirations Interior Design, Inc.

For over twenty years, Joanna has been a trusted advisor to clients throughout Orange County, helping them transform their home remodeling projects from ordinary to extraordinary through thoughtful, customized interior design.

Joanna is passionate about helping clients bring their homes up to the level of lifestyle that they desire, whatever it takes. She believes that your home should be an oasis – a getaway that revives your spirit, provides purpose for your body, invigorates your mind and inspires your existence. Joanna wants to help people life their life by their design, not default

Joanna is a Best of Service Winner 2016, National Association of Professional Women 2016 Woman of the Year, Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Certified by National Council for Interior Design Quailification (NCIDQ) and Certified by California Council for Interior Design.

Improving the quality of life in the OC, one home at a time!