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Joanna Barker design expert reviewing plansSo many clients have not worked with an interior designer before, and frequently the question comes up: “So, how does it work?”

I could write a book on this topic but I want this to be succinct, so here is a general description of the design process when renovating.

Initial Consult

We see ourselves as the vehicle that gets you to your desired goals. We know how to, and what to do, but it really is all about you!

First we want to meet with you, so when we receive a call we schedule an appointment to come to your home or office. Here we invest time with you, asking questions to find out your vision, goals, ideal outcome and more. We also invest time evaluating your space targeted for renovation, the condition, layout and more. All of this information is needed so we can create the design plan. This is the first of several meetings as we start to create your design plan.

There is a fee associated with this is appointment – $750.00 – which is then applied towards the design fee when we are hired for the project.

Project Planning

Inspirations Interior Design, Inc fees are based on the project scope and square footage of any given project. The time and resources that go into the design work are carefully calculated to determine the design fee, to guarantee that you will end up with a professionally finished interior. We write a contract that specifically describes what we will be doing for you and exactly what the design work will cost. The contract is signed, a 50% deposit received, and the design work begins!

You Determine Your Style

Style is personal.  Fashions and trends will always come and go, but you know what you love. We encourage our clients to have a Dream File – virtual or physical, or both. We want to see what you love. You don’t have to make any decisions about what will work or not work in your interiors – that’s our job. We want to know what will make you happy and include that in our approach to your project.  We always tell our clients that they will be spending a fair amount on their remodel, so let’s make it a place you will love!

We Create the Perfect Space Plan

We measure and photograph the home or office, and first draw the existing plan. It is helpful if there are existing plans or blueprints available, too. We will determine your design needs and preferences. We will also introduce you to new ideas and concepts, which are typically not thought of by our clients – we love to hear “I would have never thought of this – I love that idea!”

The design and planning portion of the project is really the most important. We advise our clients to always have a cohesive plan to implement, even if it will occur in several phases. It starts with the space planning portion of the design work- Space planning is determining how the areas function for you, as well as the shape and form of the rooms, and furniture and fixture placement. This is where the designer is a bit of a visionary on your behalf.

Once the space planning is done and agreed upon, we move on to the lighting and electrical plan, colors, finishes and materials, appliances, plumbing and light fixtures, cabinetry and finished carpentry,  and all that goes into completing the perfect interiors for you.

We Can Assist With Purchasing

A note about purchasing: we offer a purchasing service if you should desire it. If you request that we provide this service, we operate in one of two ways. The first is in regards to construction related items. For that we simply purchase your products on a cost plus basis. For furniture, window treatments, accessories and artwork we charge a fee for the design and selection of those items, and then purchase those items on a cost plus basis as well.

You are never required to use our purchasing service, but if you do, we are completely transparent and you will receive copies of all original invoices. So we offer you peace of mind in this category as well.

We Help You Make the Right Choices for You

The concepts and plans for your home are now created, and we submit them to contractors for quotes. We work with many of the best contractors and tradesmen in the business. We interact with the contractors to answer all questions, arrange for a walk thru of the project, and ultimately collect the bids for review with the client. We make recommendations to you based on the results received. This is an interactive process, and you maintain complete control of the final decisions. The designer will bring you the concepts and ideas. The contractor(s) will give us their quotes and time frame estimates.

You, the client, decide which of these you prefer for your home.

We Act as a Project Manager

Once the project is in process, a myriad of questions will arise, and the designer will be available to coordinate with the contractors. The designer will smooth the process for the client by being the interface with the contractors. This gives the client peace of mind and alleviates a lot of the stress that accompanies remodeling.

Once the contractor is selected, you will enter into a separate contract with him to start the construction portion of the project. We act as an ongoing interface with the contractors so you don’t have to worry about it. We believe in the collaborative effort of designer, contractor, craftsmen, and sub-contractors for a unified result. We are the team that gives you your stunningly beautiful, personalized interiors!

Why Work With Us?

Joanna Barker, principal of Inspirations Interior Design Inc, brings over 30 years of experience to her clients. Accredited by the NCIDQ, CCIDC, and ASID, she has maintained the highest professional standards and ethics throughout her award winning career.

She has overseen multimillion dollar projects in the hospitality design business, and brings this experience and expertise to her firm and clients.

But that’s not why you should hire us.

You should hire us if you are looking for an interior design firm that will enhance the outcome of your project on every level – design vision, operations, construction, installation and implementation.  Both clients and contractors find it easy to work with us.

We are strong believers in the collaborative process for an optimum result, to the benefit of our clientele.

We build lasting relationships with clients that last over the years. We do this by bringing you peace of mind with our experience, distinctive designs, and  premier  quality…

A renovation can be daunting on many levels, especially emotionally.  We are there to guide you through it..

Working with an interior designer can make all the difference in the world for your remodeling project. If you would like to know more, please give us a call at 949.388.7362.

Improving the quality of life in the OC, one home at a time!