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Professional designer and Trusted advisor

Family room after

More Than Just a Designer...

One of the most important things I do as an Interior Designer is to educate my clients. It broadens their horizons as to what the possibilities are in terms of design.

So many folks have never worked with a designer and can be intimidated by the thought. As a designer, I am completely user-friendly. I truly believe that I am the vehicle to my clients’ goals.

I explain how I work for them and with the contractors, and how long they can expect any given project to take.

Remodeled living area
Remodeled living area

A Trusted Advisor And Guide For Your Project

My job is to act as a guide. Whether you have an idea – a vision – in your head of what you want your ideal spaces to look like or you have no idea, my job is to listen, ask questions and get to know you, your lifestyle and what you think is best for your space.

Then I bring in my expertise as we work together to shape and enhance your vision and help bring it to life. This sets us up for success in the Planning Phase.

Main foyer entrance interior design

Planning Correctly In Advance Is A KEY To Success In Design

I find so many times that a cohesive approach to improvements has not been considered before I am involved with a client. Lacking a unified view of a project leads to a disjointed effect, or worse, having to re-do an improvement later on.

I subscribe to an overall approach, even if implementation is in stages. This will save you from wasting your time and money - and it will greatly reduce the stress involved with your project.

beautiful living room and kitchen
beautiful living room and kitchen

Choosing The Best Products For Your Lifestyle And Vision

As part of this planning process, we have to choose from all of the wonderful materials and products out there in the marketplace! The challenge is that not all of them suit every person or lifestyle.

When you are investing your precious time and money into your home to "Tell Your Story" - you want to make sure you get the perfect fit for you and the Orange County lifestyle.

beautifully remodeled fireplace

Beautiful Is Just The Starting Point

I will expose you to new materials, new ideas, new products that you may not have ever considered. I believe in the sculpting of interior spaces in your environment to fit the functions of your life style.

Organization, function, and color affect your mental health and well-being, and I will bring you optimum results in all of those categories. Beautiful is just a starting point!

I frequently find that my clients tell me they would never have picked the same items as I did for them, and how much better their homes and lives are for it – and the ultimate goal – how happy they are.

family room to front door after
family room to front door after

Designing For You Is My "Signature Look"...

Other designers might be known for certain looks or styles or try to steer clients into a look that the designer favors. While that may be how others work, I have always believed that the perfect “style” is whatever my client wants, feels good about and "Tells Their Story" the best.

It is endlessly fascinating and exciting to me how every client and project is different. My “signature look” is what suits each of my clients best, and why I always bring added value to a remodel or newly built home or office.

That's why my trademark phrase is,
Personalized and individual interior design problem solving with integrity and style

high end kitchen appliances

Stunning Kitchen Interior Design Services

Your kitchen is the, "heart of your home." This is where everyone always ends up congregating, breaking bread and making memories. Because of this room's importance, you want your kitchen to be functional, inviting and comfortable.

Because design and layout are so important when remodeling your kitchen, hiring a professional designer can help maximize the layout and usability of your kitchen, all while combining it with the best materials and equipment for the best combination of elegance and functionality.

You want a kitchen that when people walk into it, they say, "Wow!" With a great design, you don't get just a, "look"; you get a combination of beauty, form and function.

Elegant Bathroom Interior Designs

Your bathroom is one of your most personal spaces - a space that should rejuvenate your spirit, relax your body and reinvigorate your mind.

Fortunately, you don't have to be rich and famous to have the kind of bathroom that makes you feel better every time you enter. A great designer can help you discover, "Your Story" and bring your perfect bathroom design to life.

A design expert will make the best use of your space, combine it with the best materials that fit your needs and personality, then act as a project manager to take your bathroom remodeling project from concept to completion.

Working with a design expert with save you time, money and most importantly, reduce the stress that comes along with any home remodeling project.

corporate office interior design

Professional Office Interior Design Services

When it comes to your business, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Premier commercial interior design can help create the kind of interior that projects professionalism, strengthens your positioning in the market, builds trust and puts people at ease when it comes to doing business with you.

Your company's success is directly tied to how your business interior looks and feels.  We have been in the corporate, country club, hospitality, retail and restaurant interior design business for over twenty years, bringing expertise and experience to your office or workplace.

Please read on to find Success Stories from happy clients. If you would like to see if we would be a good fit for each other, please call my office at (949) 388-7362.


        When I decided to turn my bonus room into a media room as a surprise for my husband, Joanna was the one person I knew who could get it done. We had exactly two weeks from start to finish, and one mistake would send the entire project spiraling out of control. The project was completed on time (actually a day early) without one single glitch. Every subcontractor showed up on time, with the correct materials, and was a professional at their craft. I could never have asked for a better outcome and Joanna was a master at directing each step of the project. I have used her on additional projects since, and would never consider a home remodel without her expertise and guidance.

B. Langford

        My wife and I hired Joanna Barker of Inspirations Interior Design, Inc. to assist us with the interior design of our home. Joanna is a very talented designer with a great eye for color. Something that impressed my wife and I most was Joanna's ability to listen to our vision for our home, and then provide us several excellent options for furnishings and paint colors that translated our visions into a reality. As a result we have a home that we are very proud of, and have received numerous compliments.

Brian Masler

        I am an Electrical Contractor with over thirty years experience. I have been working with Joanna for the past several years and she stands out amount the many contractors and designers I work with. Joanna takes on every project with the same dedication each and every time. She turns out projects that are both functional and beautifully designed. I highly recommend Joanna for any design project.

Stephane Chevrier

        We needed help! We had just purchased a 3200 sq ft condo built in 1988.

The floor plan was from another era having an enclosed somewhat isolated kitchen with low ceilings and builder grade cabinets and soffits in all of the wallpapered bathrooms, faded wood floors on the main level and mirrored madness in the master bath Our son had recently used the services of Inspirations Interior Designs Principal Joanna Barker and encouraged us to call her. He and his wife told us that her guidance would be invaluable and decisions easier and more informed when such a professional was involved.

Joanna was amazing! She has the ability to understand our style and bring finishes to us that we may have never considered. It was so interesting working with Joanna. She is so kind and generous of spirit and was well respected by the contractors with whom she collaborated. We took down walls and added others to achieve the desired openness and flow in our home. She was always available and was flexible when design elements needed to be reconsidered.

Her flooring design in our entry and main level is the envy of the neighborhood. All of our finishes throughout our home are so beautiful and top notch. Joanna's abilities have given us a new home of which we are so proud. We were so blessed to have worked with such a wonderful, caring and talented designer.

Cat Monaco

        Joanna has so much experience and was very professional in her approach to my unique project. I was all over the place with ten different things I wanted to do to my home and she was able to understand my priorities and break it down into doable chunks so that my entire house would not be turned upside down.Thanks to Joanna renovating my house was very fun and I am so excited with the results that I cannot wait to come home each day from work!

Daniel Huff

        Joanna Barker partnered with Stu Hunter of Hunter Construction to design, plan, permit and build our downstairs family room and outdoor patio last summer. I was impressed with Joanna's knowledge about color, use of materials, and furniture spacing. She was on time for meetings with us and accurate and fair with her scope of services and pricing. I have already recommended her to other friends and clients because I know she has the integrity and professionalism to follow through and make me look good.

Fritz Reimers

        Joanna Barker of Inspirations Interior Design provides beautiful design with attention to all details. Joanna is a pleasure to collaborate with on projects. We at Hunter construction Inc have been working with Joanna since 2010 to the present. She truly has the client's best interest at hand and looks to find those special details to include in her projects that will excite and satisfy any client. Joanna is a true design professional.

Stu Hunter

        Joanna Barker and her team listened to our ideas and helped us transform our lackluster space with their inspired design. They showed intuition, understanding of our tastes and vast knowledge in their work process. They set our expectations correctly, were organized and finished our job ahead of schedule! Throughout the process Joanna was always available. We could not be happier!

Mary Lou Yoch

        Joanna Barker was recommended by our contractor when we began our home remodel. At first, we were not interested in hiring an interior designer. While we hesitantly agreed to meet with Joanna, it turned out to be the best decision we made. Joanna's professionalism and graciousness made the job seamless and effortless. She took our ideas to a new level, making a dramatic difference in the final result. Joanna's color, material, layout, and cabinetry choices transformed our kitchen, family room and game room. Throughout the remodel, Joanna always was available to answer our questions and provide a helping hand where she could. Her designing and interpersonal skills went above and beyond any expectations we had. We are incredibly grateful to have worked with Joanna.

R. R. Aubrey


Joanna is happy to offer a complimentary phone consultation for people considering a bathroom, kitchen or home remodel.


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