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Interior Design Services

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Remodeling and Renovation

  • Initial Design Study – A meeting is held with the clients to determine their design preferences. The results will be an evolving process as the designer gets to know the client and can make appropriate suggestions to achieve the established goals. The project is measured and photographed and then drawn in plan view. A scope of work is preliminary identified, and will be will also be evolving as final decisions are made.
  • Design Concepts – The designer presents a variety of potential ideas and visions of end goals, with support materials and images to the client to determine the direction the project will take
  • Space Planning – The organization of interior areas. This follows immediately after the Initial Design Study. The designer will show and discuss layouts that will achieve the maximum benefit to the client. May involve moving, removing, or adding walls, doors or windows. Typically relocating fixtures; making changes for improved circulation and function particular to the room(s)
  • Finish Selection – Working with the client, we make decisions on how all of the surfaces are to be finished. This includes walls, paint, tile, wallpaper, wood flooring, carpeting, stone, counter tops, cabinetry, moldings and more! Our resources are both local and worldwide, and we work with only the finest craftsmen to get superior results. The choices are endless, but the designer will select the best choices for the client to achieve their vision.
  • Specifications – A specification is a thorough written description of any item to be used in the project. This applies to items needed by the contractor to build and finish the project. The products that are installed by the contractor are first approved by the client, and then the designer transmits the pertinent information to the contractors(s). Items to be purchased will include flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and the like. Specifications can also be written for furniture and accessories.
  • Custom Built-ins – Custom built-in include all manor of finish carpentry and cabinetry. The designer presents the concepts and drawings to the client and upon approval then shares them with the finish carpenter and cabinetry craftsmen. The technical drawings are then completed and again approved by the client. Then the order is placed. Keep in mind that most competent finish carpenters are about ten weeks out from completing orders.
  • Lighting & Electrical Planning – Once the floor plans have been approved, they are then enhanced with the very specific layout of lighting fixture placement, type, and switching. The outlet types and placements are also identified, as well as any needs for items such as dedicated circuits or 220 lines for appliances or electric car outlets. Lighting options are many, and function is paramount, as are aesthetics.
  • Budget Development – Budget development occurs from the very beginning of the process. Some clients have particular budget goals, others do not and look to the designer for guidance. The designer will help the client to ascertain the scope of work and subsequently, realistic budget parameters. The client remains in control of the budget at all times.
  • Timeline Development – There are two timelines: design and construction. The design timeline goals will be established with the designer. The construction timeline will be finally determined by the general contractor based on the scope of work and the availability of the products and subcontractors. We firmly believe that it is imperative to have the planning work done before starting any part of construction, even if the plan will be implemented in phases.
  • Project Management – The designer will coordinate with all of the parties involved in the renovation process. The designer establishes the scope of work for the contractor(s) , collects the quotes and bids, and reviews these with the client, making recommendations . once the process starts, the designer is interactive with the contractor(s) throughout the project through completion. The designer is the clients advocate, and frequently resolves any issues that may occur during construction, bringing the client peace of mind.
  • Purchasing – The client may want to do their own purchasing, and that is always fine. But the client may request that the designer does the purchasing, in which case we will get approval and payment from the client and then place the order(s), confirm and track the order(s), and arrange for delivery and installation. This is where our extensive experience with logistics come into play. We do have a separate fee for this service, but maintain an open book policy and are completely transparent to the client. The client receives copies of all original invoices. Purchasing may apply during the construction phase or after.
  • Installations – Installations occur during the construction phase as well as after. The designer will over-see cabinetry, built in case works, lighting fixtures, appliances and such during construction. After construction then installation of window treatments, furniture and accessories are coordinated and supervised by the designer.

Finishing the Home or Office

  • Furnishings Selection – Furnishings include window treatments and upholstered furniture and case goods It may include area rugs, or they may be included in Accessories. The designer will meet with the client to ascertain their desires in this category, create a floor plan, or use the one designed during the remodel, and make selections and appropriate suggestions to complete the room(s). This takes some time and may include “shopping trips”. The options are presented to the client for approval, and then the Specifications are written.
  • Artwork and Accessories – The designer will meet with the client to determine the clients goals in this category. The designer will select, purchase and arrange installation of artwork and/or accessories The installation is usually completed in one or two days, but a considerable amount of time goes into selection and purchasing. Most items will be approved by the client ahead of time, but some may be brought to the site first and then approved by the client.
  • Please note that the Specifications and Purchasing categories listed above apply to this area as well.

Furniture Arrangement & Staging

When a homeowner, broker, or agent has a home that needs a little help to sell, the designer will come to the house and walk through with them, identifying areas for improvement, decide on furniture placement and providing direction to maximize the house’s appearance and appeal before it goes on the market. This is a fixed fee service, and any further needs are addressed through standard contract procedures.

Color/Paint Selection

Occasionally a client only has need for assistance with paint and color selection. In this case the designer will come to their home for four to six hours and make color and paint decisions with the client. There is a single flat fee for this service

25 Years Experience – “Beautiful” is Just the Beginning

We have 25 years of experience, certified both nationally (NCIDQ) and by the State of CA (CCIDC), and offer free one hour consultations.

Three important techniques we use to bring success to a project and to benefit our clients are: a strong plan, knowledge & experience working with contractors, and designer discounts on furnishings.

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